Free Online Genealogy Education

Free Online Genealogy Education

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Whether you are brand new to genealogy, or have been researching your family for more than 20 years, there is always room to learn something new. These free online genealogy classes, tutorials, podcasts and webinars offer something for everyone.

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UK National Archives Podcast Series

Dozens of informative, family history related podcasts are available to download free and to listen from the UK National Archives, ranging from beginner topics such as Tracing Scottish Ancestors and What Can You Learn from a DNA Test? to interest-specific talks such as Records of Bankruptcies in the National Archives and Sources for Tracing Agricultural Labourers.

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Legacy Family Tree Webinars

Legacy Family Tree offers anywhere from two to five free online webinars each month, with presentations from nationally known speakers including Megan Smolenyak, Maureen Taylor and many others. Topics range from genealogical case studies to DNA to using social networking tools such as Facebook and Google+ in your genealogy research. Archived webinars are available for 10 days if you can't make the live event. After that point you can purchase the archived webinar on CD.

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SCGS Jamboree Extension Series

Southern California Genealogical Society's popular Jamboree Extension Series provides free family history and genealogy educational webinar (web-based seminar) sessions for genealogists around the world. The live webinars are free to everyone; archived recordings are also available to members of SCGS.

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FamilySearch Webinars

Hundreds of free online genealogy classes are available at, covering topics ranging from beginning genealogy research to deciphering handwritten records. The classes are available in several languages, are self-paced and entirely free to everyone. Most include video lessons, course outlines, and handouts.